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Standardized Products

We have a regular inventory of about 30,000 threaded fasteners (screws, bolts, nuts, etc.) on hand at our head office alone. We flexibly respond to customers' requests with regard to delivery, such as immediate shipment and small-lot/single-unit orders. In addition to highly-reliable products made in Japan, reasonably priced products from overseas are also in stock. Items with all kinds of threads are available, including those with metric threads, inch (unified/Whitworth) threads, and sewing machine threads. We provide proposals for appropriate threaded fasteners according to customers' requests and budgets.


  • Machine ScrewsMachine screws, tapping screws, screw and washer assemblies, micro screws, etc.
  • Bolts and Cap ScrewsHexagon headed bolts, hexagon socket head cap screws, set screws, plugs, etc.
  • NutsHex nuts, hard lock nuts, U-Nuts, self-clinching nuts, etc.
  • WashersFlat washers, spring washers, wave spring washers, Nord-Lock washers, etc.
  • Other Fastening PartsRivets, snap rings, pins, keys, helical inserts, etc.
  • Building UseHigh-tension bolts, shear bolts, anchor bolts, self-drilling screws, foundation bolts, hot-dip galvanized products, etc.
  • LockingLock nuts, adhesive pre-coating, captive screws, etc.
  • Surface treatmentEnvironmentally friendly plating, thin-film highly-corrosion-resistant surface treatment, screw head baking finish, aluminum anodizing, etc.
  • MaterialsMild steel, carbon steel, high-strength steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, plastics, etc.

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