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We established a local subsidiary in Shanghai in 2004 and offices in Tientsin and Vietnam later. Experienced staff are permanently stationed there to propose products that meet our customers' needs. You may be of the impression that imported articles are inferior in quality, but our quality control practices, such as quality audits and pre-shipment inspections, allow us to deliver reliable products.

Advantages in Importing Articles through Ooyama

Advantage 1:

At our overseas locations, we have veteran employees who have worked at Ooyama offices in Japan, including Japanese nationals.

  • You can communicate with us in Japanese regarding product quality.
  • Our staff understand Japanese quality consciousness.
Advantage 2:

Overseas procurement tends to require a large production volume to save the cost of transport; however…

  • Having an inventory at Ooyama allows you to receive products in smaller volumes on an as-needed basis.
  • Importing products through consolidated deliveries with other customers' items allows small-lot production.
Advantage 3:

Ooyama can carry out necessary tasks, such as negotiations and customs procedures, on your behalf.

Advantage 4:

Inspections conducted at Ooyama's overseas locations prevent undesired shipment of non-conforming products.

Advantage 5:

The products also undergo quality assurance processes in Japan with Ooyama's comprehensive inspection equipment.

Advantage 6:

Problems will be handled by Ooyama in Japan with responsibility.

Service Flow for Imports

Inquiry from customer→Discussions(-Overseas products are acceptable?・-Important points in quality control)→Estimation at Ooyama's overseas location→Discussions about quality and lead time→Presentation of quotation→Trial manufacture & factory audit→Mass production→On-site inspection (sampling or 100%)→Shipment→Customs clearance→Acceptance and inspection at Ooyama→Inventory storage→Delivery

Overseas Subsidiaries/Affiliates

  • Ooyama (Shanghai) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Inspection Equipment

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