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Changing parts challenges to cheers all around the world
At Ooyama, we see our parts-based sales function as a natural advantage and take a serious approach to our customers' challenges. We go to work based on our motto of sincerity towards our customers, sometimes being hard on ourselves and others being more flexible, and have built enduring relationships of trust. We will create products fit for the future and continue to be a company that shines light on the world.


Trade name Ooyama Co., Ltd.
Capital ¥45 million
Representatives Fumio Ooyama, Chairman and Representative Director
Hiroshi Ooyama, President and Representative Director
Address (head office) 2-1-2 Nishi, Tamakushi-cho, Higashiosaka City 578-0934MAP
Tel +81-(0)72-962-2631
Fax +81-(0)72-962-2638
Description of business Threaded fasteners, machined parts and other general production materials
  • Bolts, nuts, washers, etc.
  • Various manufacturing work, including cutting, heading, sheet metal working, pressing, welding, casting and assembly
  • Track record in various industries, including light electrical appliances, automobiles, housing equipment, construction machinery, machine tools, shipbuilding and railroads
Number of employees 130
Banks of account Resona Bank, Fuseguchi Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Kosaka Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ueroku Branch
Mizuho Bank, Higashiosaka Branch

ISO Information

Ooyama aims to be a company that is truly trusted by our customers and society. We are deeply aware that companies are members of society, and through sound business activities, we are working to ensure sustainable development of society, which is made possible by achieving harmony between social/business activities and the global environment.

OMS.EMS ISO9001/ISO14001 JSAQ613、JSAE910

Ooyama has obtained ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) certification (qualification screening and registration).

  • Scope of registration: Buying, selling, and production control of various fastening parts (screws, fasteners, etc.)
  • Locations: Head office and sales offices

Quality Policy

As the chief administrator of the company's quality management system, the president has established the quality policy below. It includes our commitment to conforming to requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system in keeping with our management philosophy of strengthening relationships of trust with customers and striving to contribute to society. At the same time, we seek the success of the organization.

We will deliver products that prove worthy of our customers' trust.
  • We will establish annual quality targets and departmental quality targets as specific means of achieving the objective of the quality policy.
  • We will conduct regular customer surveys in the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction, including with respect to their unspoken expectations regarding quality.
  • We will improve the skills of our employees through education and training to develop the necessary human resources. We will also make the necessary investment of resources.
  • We will establish performance (supplier management/quality assurance system) to guarantee the quality of our products.
  • We will ensure thorough implementation and make improvements through internal audits, management reviews and other efforts.

We will continuously deliver products that meet requirements by implementing the above policy and demonstrate our worthiness of our customers' trust.

Environmental Policy

  1. We will engage in corporate activities that reflect consideration of global environmental conservation based on our philosophy of co-existence with the local community through our contributions to environmental conservation and the provision of products and technologies that contribute to the environment as is our responsibility as a company that supplies fastening and precision functional parts.
  2. We will comply with applicable laws and other requirements with which we agree.
  3. We will work to prevent pollution by reviewing and making continuous improvements to our business activities.
  4. We will establish and implement specific targets and objectives that reflect various conditions of our business activities and conduct the necessary reviews.
  5. We will make continuous improvements to our EMS by conducting regular internal audits and management reviews in order to improve our environmental performance.
  6. We will document this policy and thoroughly familiarize all our employees with it through internal postings, various meetings, etc. and make it public when requested.

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